The Challenge Xtreme Elite Announces its Search for the Ultimate All-around Driver: Iron Race

November 19, 2018
Challenge Xtreme Elite

The Challenge Xtreme Elite Announces its Search for the Ultimate All-around Driver: Iron Race

The Challenge Xtreme Elite (CXE) is proud to announce a new challenge aimed at crowning motorsport’s ultimate ‘all-rounder’. The CXE IronRace will see participants entering each of the series’ five events in a different type of vehicle. Such a challenge has rarely been seen previously, and it is certain that the winning competitor will have truly proven his or her talent—on both two and four wheels!

The CXE’s heritage is rooted in automotive rally competition, a sport whose sheer challenge is reflected in the series’ five events, taking place on snow, ice, asphalt, and gravel. While continuing to build on this heritage, the series has also taken an innovative approach by embracing additional types of vehicles, including motorcycles, side-by-sides, quads, and—most recently—RallyKarts. IronRace takes this concept one step further by challenging competitors to measure themselves against the best drivers and riders in each vehicle category. Such a unique test of competitor skill will no doubt see IronRace garner significant international attention, potentially setting it alongside motorsport’s most challenging competitions such as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Dakar Rally, Isle of Man TT, World Rally Championship, and Baja 1000.

The excitement around IronRace is already building, with two confirmed entrants thus far. Series regulars Marc-André Brisebois and Jean-Marc Alcaraz have been the first to put their names in the running for the title of ‘best all-rounder’.

“The announcement of IronRace is incredibly exciting,” said Alcaraz, who has previously competed in multiple vehicle categories with the CXE. “Motorsport has seen increased specialization in recent years, but I believe that the very best racers can be fast regardless of the vehicle. Like the decathlon in the Olympics, IronRace will allow the most skilled, most adaptable competitors to shine.” he added.

Competitors looking to take on IronRace will have their first opportunity when the 2019 CXE season kicks off on January 12, with the Rallye Mékinac. The winter rally action will continue on February 22 and 23 with the Rallye Ville LaTuque, before moving onto Rallye Sanair, the CXE’s only event on asphalt, held on April 20. Teams will then face gravel roads at both Rallye Saguenay on June 15, and the series’ final event, Rallye Chic-Choc on July 5 and 6.

Are you up for the challenge?

Additional information about IronRace and the CXE can be found online at The Challenge Xtreme Elite (CXE) is a national championship sanctioned by NASA Rallysport.


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